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Do you want more customer centricity? Talk about customer individuals

Every forward-looking manager is interested in customer-centricity.
This approach is easy to say but harder to achieve in practice.
If you want your team to become truly customer-centric and thinking of customers
first, there is a brain-pleasing marketing method: add the word ‘person’ or people.
Instead of saying:
‘Yesterday, we had 3,789 tickets in our e-store’, say ‘Yesterday, 3,789 people bought
in our e-store’ or ‘Yesterday, 3,789 customer individuals bought in our e-store’.
Let me explain to you why -based on biology- this simple method works so well at
fostering customer centricity.
The word ‘person’ is a mental representation that rests in the deep memory of all of
us. Its connotations and evocations are very strong since we have -luckily- lived
profound gratifying experiences provided by other people.
Said differently, the word ‘person’ is a huge brain-pleasing brand.
By contrast, words like ‘clients’, ‘tickets’, ‘value’, ‘centricity’, etc. have a very low
connotative load.

So, by using these words, we can’t expect to put customer individuals first or to put
coworkers-people first, as they barely move into action.
Enjoy this silent business transformation!
¡Disfruta de la silenciosa transformación del negocio!