Mission accomplished

no me la juego pedres zen

When we founded m+f=!, our purpose was crystal clear: to work hand in hand with visionary leaders, game changers, to increase the likelihood of success for their projects shaping the future.

To achieve this, we developed Brain-pleasing Marketing, an innovative blend of cognitive and affective neuroscience, through which our clients achieved truly impactful results in more than 30 countries and across a wide range of sectors.

Today, the founders of m+f=!  embark on a new chapter in our lives. Given the deeply personal foundation of our agency’s projects, this marks its conclusion.

We feel genuinely happy to have fulfilled our mission, to have served so many people, and we are very grateful for the incredible support from clients, suppliers, and coworkers who have joined us on this exciting professional journey.

Lluis Martinez-Ribes, considered by many to be an ‘inspirer,’ will continue to spread Brain-Pleasing Marketing through classes in business schools, conferences, workshops, and articles like this one in his LinkedIn newsletter.

We say goodbye with deep gratitude, from the bottom of our hearts.


Barcelona, April 10, 2024