A safe decision

It is about good personal chemistry.
Before hiring us, you would like to feel that there is good chemistry between us.

The following may help you.

Some Game Changers we have served

It is not logos that purchase services.
But the people who manage those companies.

We are extremely proud to have served sensibly bold managers from a large variety of industries and 30+ countries, such as these:

Logo Alain Afflelou
Logo Asics
Logo Bella Aurora
Logo Biogen
logo brita
Logo Coca-Cola
Logo Flormar
Logo Ikea
Logo LafargeHolcim
Logo Nestle
logo redegal
Logo Roca
Logo Roche
Logo sentosa
Logo tata
International Olympic Comitee
Logo tio pepe
Logo Orange
Logo CaixaBank

They have told us
many nice things


The best recognition is the smile on our clients’ faces at the end.

And, as well as their knowing smiles, together with them, we have received various acknowledgements.
Here are some of those.

Lluís Martínez-Ribes

Was selected as a “Retail Innovation Expert” by the European Commission. (2013)

logo comision europea

Aqui é

This supermarket, managed by Grupo Cuevas and based on a philosophy of contemporaneity, was a finalist in the Retail Innovation category at the World Retail Congress, and considered one of the six most innovative stores in the world. (2009)

World Retail Congress

Premio Funde

That year, we also won the Funde Award to the most innovative company led by a woman (Rosa Franch). We are extremely proud of this award. (2009)



This supermarket chain, with its closeness to the customer approach, won the Global Electronic Marketing Award. (1999)


Boehringer Ingelheim – Lilly

The alliance Boehringer Ingelheim – Lilly awarded the first international prize to a marketing strategy for diabetes in which m+f=! participated as a catalyst. (2015)

logo boehringer

Some already performed ‘scores’

Confidentiality is one of the cornerstones in our job, but some clients have given us permission to share with you some ‘scores’ already performed.

Once the ‘score has been composed’, then the different ‘artists’ or specialists expressing it come into play: external agencies (advertisers, interior architects, IT engineers, graphic artists, designers, etc.), and client-company individuals from People Management, Systems Management, Operations Management, etc.

ampolles espelt

Empordà in a bottle

The challenge:
Designing and launching the Espelt brand.

cuevas marron glace

A piece of forest

The challenge:
Repositioning the Cuevas Marron Glacé brand.

dintre aqui e

Neighbourhood supermarket

The challenge:
Reinventing the ‘local supermarket’.

exterior ekke

The challenge:
Transforming a traditional gym into a leading centre for active wellness.

We guarantee…

  1. That remotely done project outcomes will be just as satisfying or even more satisfying than face to-face ones, achieving a seamless, fun and engaging dynamic.
    And, of course, fruitful.
  2. Complete client satisfaction with each phase of the project.
    Otherwise, we will return fees for that phase, until up to a month from completion.
  3. Not to work simultaneously for our clients’ competitors.
  4. Not to receive any third-party (advertising agencies, architects, technology experts, etc.) commissions or incentives.
    That will ensure our impartiality when observing how they ‘play their score’.