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A piece of forest

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Marron Glacé Cuevas

Grupo Cuevas

Ourense, Galícia, Spain

The challenge

Repositioning the Cuevas Marron Glacé brand.

Revisiting the brand proposition, with the aim of being more in tune with the current consumer.


Although very high in calories, marron glacé is, in gastronomy, a luxury product.

People’s idea of ‘luxury’ is evolving. It no longer equates to simply ‘very expensive’.

Cuevas Marron Glacé is the leader in Spain. The company’s marron glacé is practically handmade, following its original recipe, rigorously, with passion and pride. It used its traditional packaging, and it had been copied or imitated by its competitors.

However, a certain feeling of detachment was beginning to show with some consumers. People’s concern for health and a far too traditional feel were distancing the brand from potential new customers.

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The Promise

The brand renewal project would have to ensure customers found it brain pleasing, making them feel legitimate happiness at certain times in their lives.

The idea

We co-created the concept
‘Cuevas Marron Glacé, the soul of the forest‘.

Inside a marron glacé we find the soul, the finest part, of the forest.

We spent many hours talking with people in the company, we visited forests where the chestnuts – the base for marron glacé – grew, and we approached the challenge from various disciplines.

We noticed that wherever chestnut trees grew there were no weeds or undergrowth. Chestnut trees are found in the most beautiful parts of a forest. That inspired us to make people feel true happiness.

Marron Glace Cuevas takes us to a forest in Galicia and makes us feel the essence of a place that is as magical as it is real.

That is the new luxury moment: stopping time and being conscious of the natural gem we have on our hands. And then, being able to slowly savour it, aware of enjoying something unique.

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After defining the brand’s new sense of luxury, we had to ensure its packaging was coherent with this new sense. It had to arouse feelings of unhurried moments in life, the sensorial quality of its origin: the healthiest and most beautiful part of the forest.

An important part of the packaging involved writing up a micro-book – attached to the packaging – narrating in a poetic style the nature of Cuevas marron glacé – a seed, the origin of life – where it comes from, what that sunny part of the forest is like, etc.

Then, new packs and different formats were developed.

Finally, a different range was designed for other times of consumption.


Its leadership was consolidated, creating a market trend.

New customers -both business and final- resulted in a very considerable growth in sales.

Project partners

Our work with the team of designers was essential for conveying the essence of the “Soul of the Forest”.

The ‘Cuevas Marron Glacé’ brand was co-created by m+f=!, together with the company’s senior management team, and, subsequently, its expression was adeptly designed by Garrofé Brand & Pack, a communication agency.

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Cuevas Marron Glacé’s ‘Soul of the Forest’ concept achieved a Silver Award in the Best Packaging category, at Spain’s BEST PACK 2012 awards.

Premios Best Pack 2012