We are m+f=!

somos mf bombeta

What does m+f=! stand for?

This has been one of our most frequently asked questions throughout our over 40-year journey.

Very simple.
m+f=!, is an ‘equation’ that defines us and summarises our essence.

m and f are the initials for Martínez Franch, its two founding partners’ surnames.
The + sign refers to our long-term team-working culture with our clients and among us.

And the !…? Creativity is part of our DNA. It leads us to the discovery of unexplored and exciting territories. We always know how a project will start, but never how it will end!


We don’t feel comfortable with such word.
Our clients see us as inspiring catalysers, facilitators or guides. Sometimes even challenging them.

When facing a big business transformation, sensibly bold managers want inspiring individuals by their side.

We are a service agency with a very handmade style.
This is the most appropriate format for the type of challenges we are involved with.



infinitas sonrisas

Countless smiles



We adore our job, this is why we tend to be very detail oriented, with a high level of commitment to each and every project.

Imatge Lluis

Lluís Martínez-Ribes


‘Every morning, when I turn on my computer, it thrills me to feel that, through my work, I have the opportunity to improve certain moments in people’s lives, such as their shopping experiences’.

Lluís says he has never ‘worked’ in his life, because he experiences every assignment as an adrenaline challenge.

An interesting fact about Lluís:
When Lluís is not at his work desk, you are most likely to find him at some avant-garde aesthetic art venue, where he enjoys feeding his creativity.

Our manifesto

This is our way of understanding things:


Project protagonists: our clients

They end up being authors of their own ‘score’.

We guide and inspire them, providing them with Brain-pleasing Marketing methods, and experience.


Creativity is the air we breathe

People tell us we are unconventional.

Sometimes, they even call us visionary, because of the new paths we propose to them.

Rather than applying best practices, we love co-creating a next practice.


People are more important than mayonnaise

To sell ‘mayonnaise’, we first need to have a deep understanding of people.

Achieving double-digit sale increases in mayonnaise is not easy without being customer-people experts.


We like our Mondays having the taste of Friday

Our job has a purpose. We do not get out of bed just to get money, but so that our clients’ customers can live better lives.

For example, when someone wants to buy a new fashion item, or when a Purchasing Director needs white cement to build an iconic building.


More H2H than B2B or B2C

As the base of our approach is cognitive neuroscience, these methods can be applied to any industry.

More than B2C or B2B, we perceive all industries as H2H: Human to Human.

The main difference between B2C and B2B is their context.


We do not want to remove plastic from the entrails of a salmon

When snorkelling, we want to see fish, not waste. For us, environmental sustainability is not negotiable. We adore our children and grandchildren.


Everyone matters to us

We try to make time for helping some non-profit organisations we feel close to.


We are into conscious capitalism

We are not into companies who do business without caring for ethical matters, for their coworkers or for the planet.

Profit has to be the result of some individuals having improved a part of their lives thanks to a well-thought-out product or service.


At the end of a project, we say goodbye to a client…

…but we gain a few friends.
This is reflected on the selfie we normally do with the project team at the end of every project.