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Reaching customers’ loyalty on the basis of neuroscience


Finding out the customers’ preferences and tastes is not an easy job. Many companies strive to know how their product should be in order to appeal to their customers and make their eyes shine.

Back in time, managers would commonly ask advice to someone wiser (read: the boss) in order to avoid bad decisions. However, many times the boss’ preferences don’t match with those of the customers. With time, businesses learnt that they had better focus on customers and ask them.

Today, thanks to neuroscience, we know that people make most of their decisions non-consciously. Therefore, it no longer makes sense to ask them whether they prefer one product or another through marketing surveys. Many times they might prefer one product without really knowing why and they finish looking for objective arguments -that most of the time are not true- to justify why they like it over the other. Therefore, instead of focusing on the typical marketing surveys, it will be more fruitful and reliable to use the so-called ‘neuromarketing techniques’.

These technologies measure the customers’ body reaction when they are exposed to certain stimuli (this is, the products that we show to them to see which one they prefer). As a consequence, the person feels a specific emotion triggered by these stimuli. In this case, the reaction identified and measured by the ‘neuromarketing techniques’ is more reliable than the one achieved through the previously mentioned marketing surveys, since it is based on non-conscious body reactions. Once we know how customers react to our brand, we can adapt our strategy in order to trigger the desired emotion in them and create an emotional connection.

At this point, we should ask ourselves: ‘Is this what I really need to do to make my business run better?’ ‘If my clients have an emotional connection with my brand, my business will go better?’ It may seem so, right?

Well then, in the article ‘Do you really want an emotional connection with your customers?’ Lluís Martínez-Ribes -co-founder and partner of m+f=!- explains that despite the fact that triggering a positive emotion in our customers is essential if we want them to buy our brand, this will not make they prefer us repeatedly. To achieve our customers loyalty, we need something more. You can read the complete text on this link.