Shopping is a part of life

When they are shopping, people are spending some of their time — a part of their lives — on doing so, a time they cannot be spending on something else. The park, where families play, is in direct competition with shops, apps or websites.

People’s buying habits will depend on how they live. Let, look at three examples:

  1.  Customers who live in a small town may have lunch at home every day.
  2. People who are in reriting will probably not be interested in changing the air-conditioning system in their home.
  3. If they are money-rich, they are very likely to be time-poor.

Ultimately, the way people live influences their choices with regards to the products they purchase, when they buy them and where they buy them from.
So, when thinking about optimising your own retail business, it is wise to start considering how your customers live. In other words, understanding the contexts of their lives is crucial.

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