IKEA Paris street

Marisa Anglés talks in Expansión about the collaboration of our agency m+f=! with IKEA.

The journalist Marisa Anglés has informed about the transformation process in which IKEA is immersed and also about our collaboration with them in the conceptualisation of the new store in Paris. More specifically, she focuses on the opening of urban stores, smaller than the traditional ones and located in the centre of big cities.

In a news article published in Expansión, and also in AECOC, Anglés explains that IKEA is innovating in order to adapt to their customers’ needs. Some relevant aspects about the Parisians’ lifestyle have been taken into consideration when devising this new store, for example, the fact that people in Paris live in quite small flats and that many of them do not have a car.

You can read the full text here.