innovación Asebuss workshop

Lluis Martinez-Ribes is offering a Brain-Pleasing Marketing Workshop in Asebuss Business School (Bucharest, Romania)

This week, Lluís Martínez-Ribes, m+f=! co-founder, is offering a Brain-Pleasing Marketing workshop in Asebuss Business School in Bucharest.

Asebuss is one of the leading business schools in Romania and offers business education programs for managers, entrepreneurs or consultants. The teaching methodology used in this business school is characterised by being innovative and continuously improved. One of the things that make these programs -including Executive MBA and Entrepreneurial MBA- stand out is its relevant international dimension. Asebuss has partnerships with universities from The United States and, indeed, most of its professors have been trained in American universities.

On this occasion, Lluis will be offering an intensive 2-day workshop for open-minded professionals who will learn methods to innovate in their job by using latest -generation marketing.

Moreover, Lluis has had the privilege to be interviewed by Cariere journal, one of the most well-known business magazine in Romania.